Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

It was a very fun project to start the semester off! When I found out that this activity was preferably done at the beach, I sent my friend Lily a text and she was definitely up for the little trip. When we arrived at the beach, we got some food and found a spot to make the mold. First, she helped me bury my hand in the sand and we then started mixing the plaster. Initially, we got the proportions wrong, so I started running back and forth from the water to our spot. Luckily, there was barely anyone at the beach that day. Once the plaster looked similar to pancake batter, we poured the mix into the mold. We waited a little bit over half an hour but it still seemed a little bit soft. Wondering why it was taking so long to harden, we began digging around the mold. Luckily, the mold was taking its shape! Unfortunately, the reason why it was taking much longer than expected was because earlier that day it had rained and the sand was much damper than usual. Moreover, rather than laying my hand flat, when making the mold, I had my hand pointed toward the ground. So we decide to stay there a bit longer to see if it would harden. After some time, I was able to take the mold out from the sand but the individual plaster fingers were more fragile than hoped for. I was definitely glad that it worked out but eager to try to do a better job the next time!

For a first time experience with plaster, it was relatively simple but I needed to take into consideration other factors that effected this activity. For example, if I wanted the mold to take better shape, it would have been beneficial to be more careful about how much water was used in the mix and in my case, the weather that day. Other than that, with another attempt at this activity, I believe the casting would be stronger and show more details. On the other hand, I’m sure this technique could be applied to many things. While working on plaster casting, I imagined it being somewhat related to where I hope see myself doing a few years: making teeth molds as a dentist!


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