Wk1 – Classmate Conversation –Alexandria Sandoval

My classmate conversation this week was with Alex. We actually had a chemistry lab course with each other last semester but never really spoke to or got to know one another. We both shared the fact we both had interests in the sciences and medicine as well as the unfortunate case of being the middle child. Currently in her second year, Alex is planning to major in both Kinesiology as well as Nutrition! Both in challenging majors, we realized we actually had several class together before. We then started talking about our lives outside of Long Beach. We talked about what it was like to be full time students while still working off campus. She also explained to me that she has traveled several times around the world and has experience living in many different states in the US, while I haven’t even been on a plane before! It was definitely interesting to see how two very different backgrounds can have many similarities as individuals now.
We then moved onto the discussion of what art was. Both of us agreed and came to the conclusion that art can take various forms and also may be interpreted differently depending on the person. In other words, there is no limit to what art can be defined as because what one person might see as a blob of red boring another person can see it as an expression of anger, love, or even a childhood memory. If even one person can find value or emotion in something, it is still considered art.

Anyway, check out Alex’s website here: https://simplyyalexx.wordpress.com


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