Wk2 – Landscapes with a Corpse –

This assignment definitely brought up some interesting questions and thoughts I had about death. Looking at images from Kaoru’s project, my initial thought was that all of these scenarios looked beautiful. However, when trying to decide in what ways I could do this project, I was debating whether to make it look realistic or creative. Then this random thought of shoes came into mind. For this project, I actually had help from my boyfriend and his shoe collection. Since he has more shoes than me and probably the average person, we thought it might be funny to imagine me reaching for something on the top shelf and accidentally knocking down his pile of shoes. And of course I let him decide which ones he wanted to display! Overall, I had mixed feelings about this project. I thought it was fun since I was able to do this with my boyfriend, but neutral since it was about death.

In general, the project was relatively simple. I would just have to lean against the shoe wall, while he placed the shoes around and on top of my body. There were plenty of ways in which this activity could have gone. For example, I could have chosen an outdoor setting or found a different use for the things we had inside the room. If I could do this activity again, the one thing I would want to do differently is taking the project outside and in a more creative setting. Other than that, in this case I feel that dying in a comfortable setting and surrounded by the things you value is not a bad way to go.

Here is a link to some of Izima Kaoru’s works: http://www.vonlintel.com/Izima-Kaoru.html

Instagram: izimakaoru



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