Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Mimi Haddon

Exhibition Information

Artist: Mimi Haddon
Exhibition: Touch Color 2
Media: Fiber, T-shirts
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: mimihaddon.com
Instagram: mimihaddon

About the Artist

Mimi Haddon is a current student CSULB , pursuing a M.F.A in the School of Art’s Fiber Arts. She had previously studied at CSULB while earning a BA in graphic design. Her journey as an artist began with graphic design and progressed as her interests toward photography grew stronger. She then was asked to assist in costume-making and is now back in school continuing her study of the arts. Her recent gallery depicts her interesting choice of colors and medium, t-shirts.

Formal Analysis

Mimi’s exhibit displayed vibrant warm colors and her use of t-shirts. The majority of the colors includes fall colors along with pops of color belong thing the same color family. Some of these colors included: red, orange and even neon yellow. Her art work was created with fibers, more specifically t-shirts.One of her biggest pieces, depicted balloon-like structure hanging along the walls with equal distances between each one.


Each one of these balloon shaped pieces were unique in their own way. The size and color varied along the wall with not specific color pattern.


Moreover, another piece that was displayed at the corner of the gallery had somewhat of a spontaneous color way from the floor to the ceiling. As for the piece that was placed on the beside it, it displayed a very warm color flow with a curvy outline.


Content Analysis

Mimi’s exhibition was completely motivated by color. She began this project with the purchase of 100 warm-toned shirts. Her choice in color was based on her preference, however her choice in medium was driven by the idea that “material did not to have to spring from the earth.”  She then did her research and found that t-shirts were considered readily available material, as  the United States produced billions each year. Haddon describes her process of making art first with her inspirations derived from colors themselves and then letting her intuition take over. Moreover, in a conversation with Haddon, she mentions that she thinks the human body is one of the most interesting forms of architecture. That being said she decided to take a step away from the body, and find other forms of structure for her art work.


Synthesis / My Experience

My first thought walking into Mimi  Haddon’s showing that day, was that there were lots of color. I then started trying to figure out whether there was any color blocking or strategic placing of the balloon figures on the wall. In her art piece in the corner of the gallery the colors varied more as the transition of colors felt quicker toward the bottom of the piece. This piece reminded me of Dr. Seuss! On the other hand the rug-like piece had the most texture, as if it was a warm terrain or even a series of mountains. Overall, I liked her gallery in that it had the intention of being simple, fun and definitely whimsical.


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