Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Grace Cha & Kathy Trinh


This is Grace and Kathy! We met just outside of Mimi Haddon’s art showing that day! Our conversation started off somewhat interesting and funny at the same time. They both asked me where I was from and all I had to say was ” a very Asian community” and they guess right! We then started talking about what majors and what we had planned for the future. Grace wishes to pursue a career in the medical field whereas Kathy is interested in business. Aside from school, we all work off campus. They work specifically with food and restaurants. Grace and I talked about our experiences with customers, especially the bad and funny experiences. She also brought up the fact that her opinion about curry has definitely been changes since the winter break. Kathy, on the other hand, shared that she and a handful of students from her high school, more specifically: 3 guys and 1 girl. Coincidentally, we all had an awkward run in with the 3 guys and 1 girl in the quiet elevator on the way back to class. Toward, the end of the class period just talked about makeup and eyelashes!

Link to their page!

Grace Cha: https://graceblog21.wordpress.com/blog/gm

Kathy Trinh: https://ktrinhblog.wordpress.com/


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