Wk 4- Art Activity-Art Care Package (ACP)

This week’s art activity was the art care package. I decided to do an art care package and also somewhat of a memory box for my boyfriend who’s just a couple of blocks away. I feel that over time sometimes we forget about all the things we’ve been through together as well as on our own. In a way we lose track of time. To start off, I placed all these reminders and pictures in to a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box. This is probably one of most favorite chocolates out there. This box was a given to me as a little pick-me-up after my midterms from my hardest semester ever. Now, I use this box to store some of my smaller makeup items which leads me to next point: our jobs. Within just this past year both of us have gotten new jobs hence his teacher’s ID and my makeup receipt.

The little chocolate donuts is a reminder of our taste and love for music. I used to wrap my earphones around the donut!

His ideas of date nights consist of Disneyland, dinner, and boba. Our go-to of course is Half & Half despite how far the drive is. Also, he wasn’t so much of a movie person until now!img_0822

The Boba Guys business card and bracelet are from our San Fran trip…aka the first time we had ever spoken to each other. I was looking at the nutrition facts and was complaining about how many grams of carbs were in the soft drink and soon after my bracelet was made with the word “CARBS” on it. The colors of the bracelet also resemble one of the many shoes he had taken with him on the trip (as you can see from the shoe pile in the landscape with a corpse activity). As for the instant films, I have always loved photography and he suggested we get one together.

Overall, I really enjoyed this activity. It was good to remind him and myself of all of the memories and events that have passed. Not to mention he enjoys helping me with these art activities. I feel that an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat in that a photo can reveal a lot about what a person wants to say. On the other hand, it can simply just cause a reaction or response from something so temporary. An ACP is different from Snapchat  because it can be valued over long periods of time rather than 10 seconds. Moreover an ACP is tangible and probably meant for certain people instead of your “story”. I personally love the idea of an ephemera. I believe that some items do carry more value than others. For example, I only have one bracelet that was specific to me but I probably could get another Disney sticker the next Lunar New Year along with the rest of the pass holders. Futhermore, I find the only difference between a painting in a museum and an ACP is how publicly displayed it is. To clarify, although an artwork is displayed for viewers it can still have an impact on a person’s personal and private opinions or thoughts. To add on, this personal effect would most likely be related to the time and effort it took to make it. That being said, receiving something faster may be better because of the quick reaction, but slower implies more thought and energy put towards it. Lastly, I do think you can “prepare a meal with love ” or prepare an ACP with the same kind of “love”. I didn’t find it difficult to put together this ACP but I still put a lot of thought and feeling into this project. Just as the saying goes: “Action expresses priorities”


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