Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Gutierrez & Jenny Cho

Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrea Gutierrez; Jenny Cho
Exhibition: INPROCESS
Media: Paint and Drawing: Coffee Beans; Mixed media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby
Website: N/A
Instagram: fine_art_by_dre ;  cxthxdx_gxrl

About the Artist

Andrea Gutierrez is a currently studying at CSULB as a drawing and painting major. She has recently been trying to venture outside of the box through her artwork. The main theme of Andrea’s portion of the exhibit is based on the coffee industry as well as her previous job as a barista.

Jenny Cho is also a drawing and painting student at CSULB. Since she has transferred from Fullerton college, her goal is continue with her MFA and masters and eventually reach her goal as an art professer.Jenny’s portion of the exhibit negotiates with feminism, gender identity, and overall stereotypes. She plays with the idea of nature versus technology as she tries to portray these topics.

Overall, with the collaborations of the three artist in INPROCESS, they are able to show the idea of layer by layer. In other words, that one steps leads to another while producing their art pieces.

Formal Analysis

Andrea’s exhibit displayed warm and brown colors and her use of coffee beans as her main component in each of her artworks. Most of the colors were related to the coffee bean itself as well as some of the coffee businesses that she has worked for in the past. Some of these colors included: brown, black, purple and yellow. One of her more interactive pieces, displayed a physical door with a “push/don’t pull” idea. In addition with the piece behind the door, it depicts an image of the coffee front. This was made from individual beans laying side by side similar to building blocks.img_0809

Each line pointed in  different directions alongside circular silhouettes varying in sizes and colors.img_0808

Moreover, pieces that were displayed along the walls were depictions of her old work place. These include colors such as green, orange, purple and yellow.img_0812


Jenny’s exhibit had multiple incorporation of colors and materials. She mentioned that the majority of the colors that she chose to use connoted with “girly” and futuristic things. That being said most of the colors had reds, pinks, and things relating to a circuit board. Her first piece included almost a collage of several fairytale characters on a wood panel, wrapped in nylon.img_0806

This piece had layers and layers of flowers. Some of these flowers included daisies and roses. In addition, there is an image of a young women in the center and underneath the layers of flowers.

In another piece Jenny describes these pieces coming together to create a self-portrait of herself. The top panel consists of varying lipstick stains with an image of herself, that can only be seen at a certain angle. Secondly, there is a mold of her bust on top of a circuit board with colorful wires sticking out of it. Lastly, there is wooden panel with individual vibrant colored hairs along the sides.img_0794

Content Analysis

Andrea began this project with the intention of exploring different mediums. She then realized how much of an impact the coffee industry has had on her life. Her piece that includes the door describes her perspective as a barista. She feels as if she watches people come and go on a daily basis just for a cup of coffee. Moreover, when she left there was only one way out of the door and she behind her is where the store still stands. In the next piece with the circular silhouettes, she imagines people leaving their coffee cups on the table leaving behind a ring stain. Also with the lines across the artwork, Andrea refers it to conveyor belts producing mass amounts of coffee beans every year. Lastly with the series along the wall, she explains that her experience with coffee began with one store, however the corporations are continuing to thrive as more and more stores are beginning to pop up.

Jenny’s art pieces were meant to discuss the topics of feminism and gender identity. She mentioned that her art works came to her in phases. Her first piece with the nylon was intended to expose how society has constantly been categorizing certain things with what is girly. Her process for this piece began when she asked what would happen if it was a little boy who came across a book called “Fairy tales for Girls”. That being said, she took some of the quotes from fairy tales and changed all the female characters to male. As for the next showing, the flowers were meant to portray her sexuality as it is innocent as a daisy on the inside but sexy on the outside. Finally with the combination of her three pieces Jenny call this her self portrait. Her eyes and lips were the main focus for the top portion. The middle is a mold of her bust laying on top of a circuit board. This refers to the physical body part in relation to her interests and personality as futuristic and “techie”. Finally, the last piece shows women’s unique body part while exploring her sexual and gender identity.

Synthesis / My Experience

My first thought walking into the INPROCESS showing was that there is a definite cultural difference. However I was completely off! While talking to Andrea about her pieces I mentioned that I would have never thought it was simply about coffee.I might have guessed that it was about the history of coffee but did not to expect it to be about her experience as a barista. It was definitely interesting to see how something so small could have impacted her so much.Also, her pieces smell great! For Jenny, I also thought there might have been a hint of asian culture in her pieces. Although some did include some traditional depictions, her artwork was more targeted to feminism. I can definitely appreciate how she approached such a controversial topic. Overall, I enjoyed the hidden images and messages that were hidden under the all the layers, from each bean and to every flower!


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