Wk 5- Art Activity- Automatic Drawing

This week’s art activity was automatic drawing. I had help from my younger brother for this assignment. At first it was really awkward we never had to sit down and be directly face to face with one another. We were probably both thinking the same thing: who’s supposed to go first? Eventually, our hands started to move and we ended up making a bunch of spirals all over the paper.  Personally for me when I daydream or doodle I tend to draw flowers and loopy vines and I assumed he was probably just trying to figure out what I was doing or following along. After several minutes it started looking like blue and yellow silly string. Toward the end I mentioned that it looked like his signature but messed up. He admitted that was his intention but I kept going in different directions. That being said, it was interesting to see how the image in his mind was coming onto paper and my doodling was somewhat surrounding it. It might be because he was a little bit more aggressive in this art activity toward the beginning of the drawing . This made me wonder if that this could be more related to personality than we had thought. If I would have done it another time, I would want to see how an image with my boyfriend would have turned out to be, if it was the same situation or different. Moreover, I would probably would like to incorporate other colors into the drawing.



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