Wk 5– Artist Conversation – Emily Barnett

Exhibition Information

Artist: Emily Barnett
Exhibition: Imposter Syndrome
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino
Website: emilyannebarnett.com
Instagram: emily_b_anne

About the Artist

Emily Anne Barnett is a current student CSULB , pursuing the MFA printmaking program. She had previously studied at Humboldt State University  and earned her BA in Art . Not only did Emily receive her BA with a focus in studio art- printmaking, but also a minor in art history. Moreover she has always been a California resident, originally from Fremont to Long Beach.

Formal Analysis

Emily’s exhibit displayed a variety of different colors however the main focus in each art piece was black and white. Her first three pieces are related in that she manipulated one image to make a “united series”. She does this by the utilization of a lithographic stone to make changes to one image. In the first image, Emily depicts herself and her little sister looking anxious while holding onto her stuffed animals. Secondly, the image of her sister is removed and is replaced by numerous bears. Lastly, her surroundings are removed to make the illusion of floating. Throughout these three pieces there also appears to have small inserts of a fish. Moreover, as the artwork progresses, there is also a greater incorporation of color within each one.

Each one of the bears are drawn differently. The colors that were used for this image were mostly cool toned and vibrant. In addition, these were the same bears that she had incorporated into her previous artworks.b48acb84-5749-43a3-bfe0-85ba123d960d

Moreover, another piece displayed a more abstract projection. In this piece Emily mentioned that it was purely out of motion and not intention. The colors in piece consisted of mostly primary colors.a573984d-7f8f-470a-806d-e4322e16c30e


Content Analysis

Emily’s exhibition had the main focus of visualizing experiences with mental illness in a child’s perspective, To be more specific,she emphasizes the effects of anxiety. The majority of her project included herself and her stuffed animal as the main focus.These were all personal experiences, from her anxious moments with her younger sister or at the theme park. When asked about the colors, Emily’s simply said she had no strategic idea of applying the colors, except for the image that consisted off only the bears; That image reflected the colors of the theme park brochure that she had visited. Also, as the spontaneous fish, she stated that it was something simple to take up space. Overall her approach was taken through the eyes of an anxious little girl.


Synthesis / My Experience

When I first walked into the gallery, I was questioning myself if these were the same images and they were despite a couple of changes. This technique involved with printmaking was interesting in that there could be millions of ways in which an image could turn out. I personally related it to a coloring book, since there isn’t ever the same exact result. That being said I thought that these pieces definitely portrayed a child’s perspective. Nothing was completely defined and seemed random. Like Emily mentioned, everything was her own personal experience as a child with anxiety.


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