Wk 6- Art Activity- Zine

This week,the art activity was to make either a zines or a flip book. For my zine I decided I would make it revolve around makeup as well as my experience working at a makeup store. I titled the zine “eye can’t” for two reasons. The first reason was that on most days that I decide to wear eye makeup, I can’t decide on a look. And so I end up randomly putting together a look from all the makeup I own, and nothing ever seems to turn out the same. The second reason, was because of my experience working at a makeup store. Sometimes at work, it can get very hectic and stressful with the customers as well as the other employees.  However, there are also fun and exciting times because I could be one of the first few who has seen the latest palette or new face mask.

The materials that I used for this project were, card stock, string, and of course, makeup. I initially sketched out an eye, and applied eyeshadow to the paper, exactly how I would do it on my myself. I created two “natural” and two “glam” looks. For the glam looks, I thought I would add a touch of glitter to it because it added so much more sparkle when held under the light. Moreover, I used liquid eyeliner for the eyelashes as well. Finally for the last page,I made a small eyeshadow swatch page, one row matte and the other two rows sparkly. To bind the zine, I used the same technique that was shown to in class, but added an additional strip of red washi tape to clean it up a bit.

Overall, I really enjoyed this activity. It made me associate makeup and art more, especially because I can see the creative potential and beauty that it gives. It also made me realize how much fun but also stressful it can be at work, and with everyday decisions. If I were to do this activity again, I would like to expand it to other types of makeup, or I would love to try this with my favorite photograph, quotes, or even tattoo designs.


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