Wk 6 -Artist Coversation-

When you search the word “meme” on Google, it explains that it is usually a humorous image, video,text, that is copied (often with slight variations) that spreads rapidly by Internet users. For the most, there probably has been at least one meme that has been relatable or simply hilarious. The piece that I found most interesting would be the interactive selfie collage of memes. It made me realize that these were only a hand full of memes that I have run into just that day.Not only were they the same one that I had seen on Facebook a few weeks ago but also, variations on the same image. One of my classmates, Alex, and I were actually drawn to the loud and catching music that was playing in the background. When I first walked into the gallery there was a sign that mention there would be quick flashing images. It is definitely true! Memes come into our lives very quickly, and often times flash in front of our screens. In other cases, memes can also be associated with propaganda as they appear to mock political statuses as well.


Carmina Correa
“approximately 50 x 35”
CSULB School of Art, Werby

Personally, memes are meant for laughs! However, there are times where people use it to “call someone out”. I feel that there are specific themes that certain people use when they tag me in photos videos. For example, my boyfriend tend to tag me in relationship or school related things. As for my friend, she tags me in stereotypical Asian memes along with the occasional makeup jokes. Then there is my cousin, who simply does it just for laughs. One time she told me to google my name and then meme, so “Cindy memes” and it turned out to be hilarious and very relatable. Try it sometime!



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