Wk 7– Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan

Exhibition Information

Artist: Elena Roznovan
Exhibition: Stop & Stare 
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: N/A
Instagram: eroznovan

About the Artist

Elena Roznovan is a current student CSULB. She is a second-year student in the MFA program with her main focus on sculpting. Elena was originally from Moldova, a small country near the border of Romania. She then move to the United States at the age of sixteen and has now lived her ever since. One of Elena’s goal is to work with the Zidel art program and expand her knowledge and experience of sculpture. The technique that she is exploring within this gallery is called phenomenology. This is the concept of time and the construction of images.


Formal Analysis

Elena’s exhibit has one main artwork piece. This gallery featured a twelve-minute video played as the background with four hanging panels. The video that was played was a display of the sun rising from  the horizons. The theme was centered in the desert, and also incorporated the idea of nature, especially the nature of life.

Each one of the panels are arranged as well as colored differently. All of the colors appear cool tone. Some of these panels are in purple, blue and green colors. As the video transitions we are able to see all the vibrant colors and also make up the bright structure in the image.


Overall, the piece depicts a light stick fixture leaning against an old dark tree in the middle of the desert as a form of a time-lapse.


Content Analysis

Elena’s exhibition incorporated nature as well as the duration aspect of a fast paced life. Her initial intention was to portray her reaction to her everyday life. This could be seen as she describes the moving image into space as well as her transition in color. Elena mentioned that the screen installments force light in certain way, more specifically in geometric shapes. Not only do these screen installments develop more shapes but it allows images to be filtered to prevent any further glare. Her choice of the desert being her destination was because it was more effective in seeing the change in light, since the desert air is so dry. Moreover, the amount of empty space allows for more creativity, just like how some movies scenes are shot in the desert. Overall, this technique of phenomenology  challenges her to mediate a 2D window into a 3D experience.


Synthesis / My Experience

My initial thought that her intention was to look through these screen installments and see the desert in a different perspective. But then when I turned around after about five minutes, I noticed that the wall seemed lighter and the shadows from the installments were more colorful. The geometric screens looked as if they were floating in the air of the desert. I found the exhibit very calming from the scenery and the interesting components that Elena had constructed alluded another dimension.


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