Wk 9– Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Exhibition Information

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino
Website: N/A
Instagram: rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is a current student CSULB. She a student in the MFA program with his main focus on printmaking. David plays on the themes of music as well as movies while creating his art works. Originally his dream was to become a designer. More specifically, David wished to become a custom designer for motorcycles. He then realized his passion for drawing and wanted to expand his skills and experience, so he pursued printmaking.


Formal Analysis

David’s exhibit portray many works with streaks of colors in order to create a silhouette of the image. This gallery featured a piece called “Gem Shard Shogun” on the middle wall. This piece itself contained only the color of red. The piece formed a samurai’s head. Moreover, it was similar basically depicted the scratches from the warrior’s helmet.IMG_0919


Content Analysis

David’s exhibition incorporated manipulations on figurative imagery and expression. He based his ideas and piece through “fluid abstract expressionism”. In other words, art can be created and found through the strokes of a brush or the droplets of paints. He calls it “accidental abstracts”. This allows more interpretation in the viewers eyes. Moreover, as mentioned earlier he is often inspired by music. This is because music has different components and varieties for example beats and rhythm.

After speaking to David about his work, he mentioned the samurai piece was intended to portray the military figure from medieval or early Japan. The character himself is supposedly to be strong, traditional, and honorable. While listening to Gem Shard’s Must Die album he was inspired to illustrate the figure will clear-cut edges as well as the bold red from the country.

The second artwork that was mentioned above was intended to reflect the idiom that states “bite the hand that feeds you”. This can be described someone treating another individual badly, even though he or she has helped you in some sort of way. Not only can this be seen though the manipulation of the quote but it can be found in his dubstep playlist.


Synthesis / My Experience

The first time that I walked into this exhibit, I was really drawn to his pieces in that they looked so realistic as if it was a sketch straight from a notebook. Although they had a distinct feature, it took a minute to finally see what he was trying to display. This might have even meant turning your head in a different direction or looking of the title of the work. I noticed that his pieces are relatively simple in color, which gives more room for interpretation since it was initially vague enough. Overall, I really enjoyed this showing. I loved the fact that he made something so simple into an obscure image yet also recognizable!


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