Wk 10-Art Activity-Architecture: The Wedge

For this activity I chose to do the wedge near the USU. I personally encounter this wedge everyday that I go to school! Although it was very bad planning, I find it so amusing!

It forces couples no stop holding hands or to separate. And when there is crowd of people, they all funnel through and automatically go into a straight line. Then there are people who avoid it entirely.

If I had the option to fix this poor planning I would tear down the gray-colored block altogether along with the cement benches. This change will give this area a more “open” sense of feeling. I feel that not many people use the benches there anyway since it is only a drop off zone. Moreover, I feel that students only have the option of this route because there is a “BEACH” sign along with newspaper stands creating that pathway.

Ultimately, I feel that this corner of random benches and a huge block doesn’t have much purpose besides a bit of shade. Although it would probably take a decent amount of time and money, with these things gone, there will a lot more open space for everyone, including skateboard and scooter riders. This will definitely be beneficial when a flood of people get off the bus or shuttle.


I think with the new construction and the constant growing university population we would need as much space as we can get.


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