Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters
Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox
Media: Ceramics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi
Website: N/A
Instagram: artbywaters

About the Artist

Brittany Waters is a currently a senior student at CSULB. She is participating in the MFA program with his main focus on ceramics. Brittany was originally from northern California, Sacramento, and moved to Long Beach in order to pursue her career as an artist. She typically finds her inspiration from nature, in this case the ocean and its creatures. Her intention of this exhibit was to explore her love of nature and stress the importance of protecting the beaches and its inhabitants. As she mentioned in our conversation, a family trip to Hawaii sparked this very specific idea, and she hopes to guide her viewers through each step during the process.


Formal Analysis

Brittany’s exhibit consisted of many works of handcrafted baby sea turtles, using ceramics. She mentioned that she had made exactly 118 pieces which took approximately 3 hours per sea turtle. The exhibit displayed instagram posts of each of her steps from making the mixture to pouring it out into molds and placing each individual piece together.

Content Analysis

Brittany created this exhibit to express her feelings toward nature and also the fine line between animal life and human life. As mentioned before, Brittany has always been surround by nature and it began to grow on a snorkeling trip at the sight of sea turtles. She talks about how people no longer get to see this rare sight anymore because of all of the human disturbances that surround the beach. Brittany wanted to remind people of its simplicity as well as tranquility in such a sight.

She brought emphasis to process of ceramics, in that it is an intricate series of steps with attention to detail.

Moreover she intended to she like on endangered species. With all the pollution and other sorts of toxins, the aquatic community or beach life begins to suffer. In the case of the sea turtles, they start to become confused with the noise of the city and this greatly effects the navigation of the newly-born turtles trying to find their way back to the sea.


Synthesis / My Experience

My initial reaction was that it was such a calming or relaxing vibe within the gallery. I honestly had no idea that the images that were hanging on the walls, of the turtles were handcrafted until I walked through the entire exhibit. I really appreciated the amount of thought that Brittany had placed into the gallery with the details of the palm trees as well as the sand. Not until I read the artist statement did I realize why she incorporated the umbrella, towel, as well as the pollution. That being said, it puts into perspective the amount of human disturbance can affect a species, let alone an endangered species. Her work was amazing and so realistic!


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