Wk 11- Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Drees & Yesenia Rios

For this week’s classmate conversation I met Jennifer Drees and Yesenia Rios.

Jenn is a psychology major with an interest in human development. Her end goal is to become a nurse. Initially coming into Long Beach she didn’t know what she wanted do, but found psychology very interesting. Jenn mentioned that this interest in how the mind and its thoughts worked occurred though crime and mystery. Currently, she is in the process of switching her major and her minor, flip-flopping the two. On her spare time she enjoys listening to podcasts as well as music. Jenn also babysits for work.

Yesenia is a child development major and is pursuing a career in counseling, more specifically counseling for younger children in elementary school. She recently had a baby boy and is adjusting to a life as a mom as well as a student simultaneously. . More importantly, she loves spending time with her baby boy. I admire her for taking on such a huge role of a mom and a student, all at the same time.

I really enjoyed talking to them and hope to get to know them a little bit more!

Here are the links to their web pages! Check them out:





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