Week 12- Artist Conversation- Jacob Hogan


Artist: Jacob Hogan
Exhibition: Esoteric Murmers
Media: Metals and Jewelry
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi
Website: yhfabrication.com  |  jacob@yhfabrication.com
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Jacob Hogan is a currently a senior student at CSULB. He about to graduate with a BFA in design, with a focus in metals. In our conversation, Jacob had mentioned that he intentionally made these pieces, in the form of products. He was first interested in this because his father was an architect. Moreover, he has always enjoyed bringing objects to life, just like how he does with free time with cars. While his work with car restorations progressed, his interest with interior design grew as well.


Formal Analysis

Jacob’s exhibit consisted of many functional as well as fashion-forward items. The majority of the material that was used were metals including copper, brass, and steel. Jacob loved the inccoporations of angles and straight lines.

There were several jewelry pieces. He wanted to show the concept of link to link or “chain” effect in everyday items. Moreover, there were also other works such as the tea infuser that was entirely inspired by a a sea mine from the British WWII.

Content Analysis


Jacob’s pieces were purely inspired by his imagination and his way of personalizing something that has already existed. For example, with the lamp and the tea infuser, he manipulated it or “added his own twist/taste” to the item. With every one of his pieces he mentioned that there was a great sense of detail and piecing together. He even mentioned that all of these pieces can made by anyone if he or she had a manual. This was just his version of how he want these products to appear in his studio or in a home.

Synthesis / My Experience

This was probably one of my favorite exhibits so far! I felt that his work was simple, and flawless. Not only, were they so beautiful but also in a way witty. I also really appreciate him as an artist in that he believed in the personal interaction with his viewers. Overall, I loved the concept of bringing art into fashion and everyday products.


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